Skin in the Game




Skin in the Game is a relentless international thriller that moves between the red rock terrain of America’s southwest, a quaint college town in New England, and wintry central London. It follows ex-paratrooper and elite operative, Guy Bowman, in the wake of his Hades Gate mission.

Returning home, Bowman’s hopes of living peacefully are explosively ripped apart. To save those he loves he’s forced to steal a deadly, ever-evolving AI entity and hand it over to enemies of the West.

But Guy Bowman has different plans.

Believing he’s been burned by British intelligence and working under constant threat, Bowman discovers once again that no one in the world of espionage is ever who––or what––they seem to be.

Guy Bowman has faced down evil and put his life on the line many times before, but can he now outwit the most calculating and diabolical of foes? Or will he…and the world…pay an unthinkable price for his failure?

You can’t fail to love Guy Bowman: brave, honest, and very human.

The women characters are fantastic — no cardboard cut-outs or half-formed stereotypes.

Page turner in the style of Bourne and Reacher. Guy Bowman is a welcome addition to the club.

The quality of the writing, itself, is extraordinary.

This book kept me up MUCH too late for several nights in succession.

Lots of excitement, the plot keeps moving like an express train.

And Zara, the AI…absolutely compelling!

Couldn’t put it down…read it in two sittings.