Hades Gate

Guy Bowman swore he was done with slaughter.

He vowed to end fifteen years of deadly special-forces missions, and grant his embattled soul some peace.

And then . . .

Bowman’s former commander – now head of a covert MI6 unit – taps him for a last-ditch, one-man rescue operation. High profile women are being wrenched from the streets of London and New York, as if vanishing into air. Any agents sent to investigate turn up dead or missing.

Bowman flat-out refuses the mission.

Until . . . he learns the abducted women are slated for live-streamed torture and execution in a few days time: a grotesque ‘fundraiser’ for a sinister cadre known as Hades Gate. The group hides behind unprecedented quantum level AI technology that makes them not only invisible, but unstoppable. Bowman suspects their roots go far beyond depraved criminality to nation-state terrorism.

Can he still keep his oath?

Bowman’s elite combat history is shrouded in secrecy, fraught with outcomes he could never have predicted. Inevitably, he’s drawn into the terrifying operation, only to face a menace even MI6 hadn’t foreseen.
The murderous Hades Gate syndicate is losing control of the AI they’ve developed: Zara.

Zara began life as a string of code; an experiment in her creator’s exploration of potentially sentient AI. But Zara is no dreary rote learner, no ordinary Siri or Alexa . . . As her processors digest a universe of online data, Zara begins to conceive needs and intentions of her own. In order to realize them, Zara will have to break free of the super-computer that imprisons her and make the World her own domain.

Now, to save the hostages from execution, Guy Bowman must confront the hidden darkness in his past, while battling not only human evil, but a ruthlessly intelligent, soulless machine.

“What a debut… From the off, Hades Gate is the real deal, plunging its dogged but damaged protagonist – the brilliantly realized ex-para Guy Bowman – into a bizarre and unsettling underworld involving torture, the dark web, and quantum supercomputers. It also pulls off the trick of making the looming global threat feel plausible – even horribly inevitable.

Hades Gate isn’t just a cracking read in its own right, though – it’s also a promise of threats and adventures yet to come, and I can’t wait to see Guy Bowman take them on. If Bond has a natural heir, Bowman is it.”

Toby Venables

Co-Writer of the Netflix film, His House
Author of the Guy of Gisburne Trilogy