J.S. Maine

J.S. Maine is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. Hades Gate is their first novel together.

‘J’ is a doctor of psychology, TV personality, and writer of popular non-fiction with three books to her credit. She has written hundreds of articles and advice columns for major US magazines and has developed and appeared in dozens of talk-TV shows. She moved to England after marrying S, where they now live in leafy west London. When she isn’t working with S on The Guy Bowman Series, she delights in exploring her adopted city and assessing her husband’s self-proclaimed culinary skills.

‘S’ has worked extensively in international film, television and theatre. He has played leading roles at both the National Theatre and The Royal Shakespeare Company. His other fiction consists of a short story collection and three novels, including a ‘factionalised’ account of the trial and death of the Athenian philosopher Socrates. When not writing with J, he likes cooking curries, listening to chamber music, and driving his classic Jaguar.

What people are saying about J’s and S’s  previous books . . .

“Beautifully and wryly written … an absolute page-turner.”

“I loved this book and have gotten so much out of it . . .”

“A must for anyone who enjoys psychological thrillers!”

“It took me over and once I started reading I hardly stopped!”

“It was a breath of fresh air . . . an eye-opener beyond anything I even expected.”